This paper presents an analytical modeling and laser micromachining technique of microchannel and micro-structures for bio-devices manufacturing and biomedical applications. The ablation of the laser micromachining with direct-write method has been modeled and simulated for micro-channels or microstructures in bio-devices microfabrication. In this paper, the analytical model was adapted from the linear function for beam propagation in our previous research by using the Gaussian function to improve modeling accuracy. Basically, the new laser ablation model based on Gaussian distribution, beam propagation modeling and Beer’s law were used to formulate and model the laser ablation phenomenon. After the simulation with MATLAB programming, the actual experiment on laser micromachining has been conducted to compare the simulated results with the actual ones. Finally, the purposed modeling technique can be applied in the surface error analysis and biomedical applications. The example case in this paper showed how the modeling could solve the complex phenomenon of the overlapping in laser micromachining.

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