This paper develops a novel standing surface acoustic wave (SAW) device with three-pair of interdigital transducers (IDTs) to fabricate the patterned microstructure arrays with the assistance of ultraviolet (UV) polymerization. The working principle, structural design, and fabrication of the SAW device are presented. Then experimental setup was conducted to investigate the fabrication process and method of the patterned microstructure arrays on a thin liquid polymer surface. By adjusting the input wavelength and working voltage and selecting the pairs of IDTs, several types of patterned microstructure arrays, such as linear undulate and latticed undulate with different surface morphologies, could be fabricated. Results also demonstrated that the developed SAW device with the assistance of UV polymerization is an effective method to fabricate the patterned microstructure arrays, which may have great potential in the application of biomedical and microelectronic fields.

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