This paper represents the development of a synchronous thickness profile measurement system that measures double-sided thin pipe wall surfaces in a non-contact, continuous, cosine error-free and fast manner (NCCCE-Fast double-side thickness profiles measurement). A pair of capacitive type sensors (CS) placed on the rotary and linear axes scan the inner and outer surfaces of the thin wall. Surface metrology tool path is developed to align the displacement sensors always normal to the double-sided surfaces simultaneously. Because the rotary axis’s rotational error can badly affect thin wall thickness profile measurement accuracy, such error is initially characterized by a reversal method and was compensated for along the rotational direction while measuring the sample. Two measurement target samples (round/oval metal pipe-type thin walls) are prepared. Not only inner/outer surface profiles but also thin wall thickness profiles are obtained. Based on the output data, the circularity and ovality can be calculated, and those results are compared with those obtained by a contact type micrometer at every 6 degrees interval. As a result, the developed thin wall thickness profilometer can provide high precision results, continuous and fast thickness profile scanning and data are acquired for visualization.

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