Due to the manufacturing requirement of miniaturized high-tech products, micro machining with micro a micro machine tool has been regarded as an important technology. The main goal of this study is to build up the key technologies, such as optimal design, synchronously-driving control, accuracy optimization analysis for a low-cost and high-accuracy micro machine tool with a multi-DOF platform with co-plane synchronously-driving mechanism. Due to the advantages of the mechanism, the machine will be able to have high resolution and high accuracy without use of expensive drive components and high-end CNC controller. Because of no pile-up structure, the machine has less kinematic inertia effect, and has the merits of light weight, high stiffness, low cutter of gravity, and more stable. Furthermore, the machine has more DOF which gives better cutting performance than a 3-DOF machine tool. The research items include static/dynamic stiffness optimization, synchronously driving controls, hybrid error analysis. Kinematics analysis and volumetric error model will be derived and analyzed. The prototype of the designed micro machine tool was built, and the accuracy of machine was tested. The accuracy calibration results showed the machine can reach a positioning accuracy of 800nm.

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