This report describes investigations performed on as welded and post weld heat treated samples of AISI 8630 steel, buttered with Inconel 625 and Inconel 725. The investigations have focused on the properties and microstructure in the partial mixed zone between the buttering and the steel before and after post weld heat treatment. The samples were heat treated for 4 1/2 hours at 640°C, 665° and 690°C and investigated with respect to mechanical properties and microstructure near the fusion line. A range of testing and analyses were performed including notch impact toughness testing, identification of fracture initiation and propagation in impact specimens, hydrogen measurements, examination of the micro structure in steel and Inconel using light microscope, hardness testing and electron micro-probe analysis of the alloying elements across the fusion line. Additional investigations in TEM on samples from an actual joint, post weld heat treated at 665°C were also performed. The results show that post weld heat treatment at 665°C and 690°C reduced the impact toughness in coarse grained heat affected zone, caused by decarburisation, ferrite formation and grain growth. The partially mixed zone (5–10μm) of the Inconel buttering, gained partly extremely high hardness caused by carbon enrichment, reaustenitization and formation of virgin martensite. As welded samples gave more favorable properties and microstructure than the post weld heat treated ones.

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