A dynamic model and a simulator have been developed for the Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone/Slug Damper (GLCC©-SD) system, for the prediction of its flow behavior under transient slugging flow conditions. Separate dynamic models and simulators are developed for the GLCC© and the SD units, which are integrated together with a slug generator model/simulator into an overall model/simulator for the GLCC©-SD system. Two numerical schemes are utilized for the developed integrated simulator, namely, fixed time step and variable time step schemes. Simulation examples are presented for the GLCC©, SD and integrated GLCC©-SD system, for the prediction of their performance under transient flow conditions. The GLCC©-SD simulation results demonstrate clearly the advantage of this system in dampening and smoothing the liquid flow rate under slug flow conditions, providing fairly constant flow rate at the GLCC© outlet liquid leg. The developed GLCC©-SD simulator can be extended to other separators, such as the gravity vessel separators and liquid hydrocyclones.

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