Hyperbaric welding residual stress is one of the main concerns for deep water operation. This study presents the numerical investigation of residual stresses in hyperbaric welding by using WeldsimS code. The pressure range investigated in this study is from 3 to 35 bar, which corresponds to 30 to 350 msw (Meters of Sea Water). Experiments results indicate that the welding procedure might be significantly influenced within the pressure range studied. A 2D axisymmetric model has been considered in this study to simulate circumferential welding of a pipe. Phase transformations and transformation plasticity during the welding procedure have been taken into account. The main aim of the study is to predict the hyperbaric welding residual stresses. The temperature evolution and the micro-structure were also studied. Results show that residual stresses induced by hyperbaric welding are significant within the pressure range investigated, which should be assessed for the sake of structural integrity.

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