Semi-submersible type offshore floating structures are expected to be used in the Japanese coastal area and at sea off Japan for promoting resource exploitation and development in near future. As a moored offshore floating structure may be suffered from current, Vortex-induced Motion (VIM) effect should be assessed in an appropriate manner since the VIM may cause fatigue damage of the floating structure’s mooring lines. VIM phenomenon on semi-submersible type floating structures, however, is not clear, and its comprehension is insufficient since there are only small number of open research papers with lack specifications of the structures. Moreover, a standardized assessment method for the VIM on them has not ever been proposed.

At first in this paper, the results of VIM measurement test using some large semi-submersible floating structure models in relatively high Reynolds number flow are presented, and afterwards simplified estimation method, that is useful in the design stage for a semi-submersible type offshore floating structure, is introduced as one trial.

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