Trimaran, as a high performance ship, its special ship form is different from regular monohull ship. The particular characteristics of longitudinal and transverse wave loads are concerned greatly by ship structure designers. Theoretical methods for forecasting the wave loads of trimaran are under developing. And the relative comprehensive model test study of trimaran’s wave loads is rare in the publication. In this paper, the trimaran model test had been carried out in the tank. According to similarity theory and simulation of stiffness, a scale model of trimaran with measurement system had been manufactured. Then the segmented model had navigated in regular waves of different sea conditions. Through analysis of the experimental data, the wave loads characteristics of this trimaran are presented. A comparison of test results and theoretical values is also made to show the similarities and differences. This study can provide some useful information for further design of high-speed trimaran in the point of wave loads, which maybe a reference for research of trimaran.

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