During the operational and installation phase of submarine pipelines, the collapse and local buckling behaviour is of interest. Existing research [1] shows conservatism in the pure collapse DNV formula for thick walled pipe. The first part of the paper will focus on the collapse behaviour of empty thick walled pipe under external pressure. Using 2D and 3D FE Analysis an investigation into the collapse behaviour of pipe with a D/t < 20 is conducted. The analysis also covers an extensive sensitivity analysis with regard to geometrical imperfections and different material models.

The local buckling behaviour during the combined external pressure, bending moment and effective axial force loading encountered in the sagbend is also investigated. To obtain a realistic load path for the sagbend loading, static Flexcom analyses are performed. If the load case is not sufficient to initiate collapse because of the stiffness of the catenary due to the low D/t, the pipe will be bent to the limit state while setting the effective tension to zero.

The effect of each sensitivity on the collapse and local buckle behaviour of thick walled pipe in the sagbend including effective axial tension is discussed.

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