The development of Brazil Offshore fields using flexible pipes took the advantage of the possibility to move around lines, anticipate the production and postpone the decision of where exactly the development phase wells should be placed, making the drilling campaign easier, cheaper and faster. For the Pre-Salt fields, mainly in Santos Basin, it is observed high concentrations of H2S and CO2, two major impact contaminants for the metallic layers of the flexible pipe. A new failure mode by SCC is the most concerning one and have several approaches either focused on the installed fleet or focused in the next pipes to be delivered. SCC is a condition that induces cracks in the pipes metallic layers and need three elements to happen: water, stress and susceptible material. If one of these three elements is suppressed, the phenomena is not to happen.

This paper will cover and present a design of a seal tight end fitting also with capabilities to be seal tested from the shop during the factory acceptance test and further means to identify if the flexible pipe section is flooded or dry visually, using ROV This information is key for the integrity management of the flexible pipes applied to pre salt fields to assure the most extent of the service life.

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