Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is a gasification process carried on in non-mined coal seams using injection and production wells drilled from the surface, converting coal in situ into a product gas usable for chemical processes and power generation. The UCG process developed, refined and practiced by Ergo Exergy Technologies is called the Exergy UCG Technology or εUCG® Technology. The εUCG technology is being applied in numerous power generation and chemical projects worldwide. These include power projects in South Africa (1,200 MWe), India (750 MWe), Pakistan, and Canada, as well as chemical projects in Australia and Canada. A number of εUCG based industrial projects are now at a feasibility stage in New Zealand, USA, and Europe. An example of εUCG application is the Chinchilla Project in Australia where the technology demonstrated continuous, consistent production of commercial quantities of quality fuel gas for over 30 months. The project is currently targeting a 24,000 barrel per day synthetic diesel plant based on εUCG syngas supply. The εUCG technology has demonstrated exceptional environmental performance. The εUCG methods and techniques of environmental management are an effective tool to ensure environmental protection during an industrial application. A εUCG-IGCC power plant will generate electricity at a much lower cost than existing or proposed fossil fuel power plants. CO2 emissions of the plant can be reduced to a level 55% less than those of a supercritical coal-fired plant and 25% less than the emissions of NG CC.

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