With the continual demand for effective manufacturing performance, proper maintenance of production facilities and systems has become the standard of good manufacturing practice. In response, industrial plants, machines, and equipment are becoming more technically advanced, thus more complex and difficult to control and maintained. This paper is focused on a methodology for assigning relative criticality to production equipment in order to optimise a preventative maintenance program. As a case study, the authors examine equipment used in plastic production plants. Generic factors deciding the criticality were considered using a scoring system. With the use of cumulative percentage of scores, an Always Better Control (ABC) analysis was carried out and the critical equipment identified. An effective maintenance programme for the case study shows a 23%reduction of down time and also a 12.7% of equipment durability and about 96% criticality equipment factor, with optimum output. The result of this study will be significant to manufacturing company in minimizing incidences and stoppages not only on critical equipment but production facilities.

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