Long Term Operation (LTO) to 60 or 80 years of operation also requires a reliable information about the potential irradiation embrittlement (and also thermal ageing) of reactor pressure vessel materials. Such information is usually obtained from testing specimens within the surveillance specimen program that is designed for the design RPV life, regularly for 40 years only. Life extension requires modification of such program (if there is still time to perform it) or a design of a new – extended one. Such program should have to contain RPV archive materials that are not in every case available. Thus, combination of archive materials and possible surrogate materials must be taken into account for this program. Some complication can be expected with thermal ageing data as some laboratory tests at higher temperatures must be realized. The paper describes such program for NPP Dukovany, Czech Republic with WWER-440 type reactors that are now more than 20 years of operation.

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