This paper will compare two major In-Service Inspection Nuclear Codes: the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section XI developed by ASME on the one hand and French RSE-M developed by AFCEN on the other hand. These two Codes cover totally or partially:

- General Introduction

- In-service and pre-service inspection program

- In-service inspection techniques and qualifications

- Surveillance in Operation

- Flaw evaluation

- Repair-Replacement

- Quality Assurance and Documentation

- Appendices and Code Cases

A general presentation of the two Codes will be developed and followed by a general comparison.

To conclude, the paper will consider two particular examples for detailed comparison:

- K stress intensity factor handbooks comparison for circumferential flaws in cylinder: ASME Code Appendix A3000 and RSE-M Code Appendix 5-4, last published editions

- analysis of longitudinal crack in steam generator tubes

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