Gathering network, which is usually characterized by various and complex structure, takes a large proportion of the overall construction cost of gas field. Optimization of pipeline routes is an effective way to reduce the investment. In this paper, a novel model for optimal route of pipeline considering complex terrains and obstacles is proposed and solved by Genetic Algorithm. Minimizing the total investment is the object of this model. Since the construction costs under different terrains are different, the distance factor Li, slope factor Di and elastic factor Si are introduced into the objective function to represent the length of the pipeline, the gradient of the pipeline, and the fluctuation of terrain. In addition, the performance of the model is verified by taking three typical situations of different terrains and obstacles as examples. The results illustrate that the proposed model can address the optimal design of pipeline routes in complex terrains. Moreover, the effects of different genetic operators on solutions are investigated, including three selection operators and two crossover operators. The study provides a guideline for designing pipeline routes in complex terrains and is also applicable to the analogous problem.

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