The inspection method based on risk was studied about 23 large tanks of a national strategic oil reserve base, which was a relatively large research work, because the tank inspection was a non-statutory inspection that received little attention, and the risk assessment method of large oil storage tanks in the actual project application was not mature enough. The basic information of 23 nominal volume one hundred thousand cubic meters crude oil tank was collected and sorted. 23 storage tanks under the application of risk assessment are all aboveground atmospheric storage tanks. 23 storage tanks are all floating-roof tanks, whose host materials include SPV490Q, 16MnR, Q235-B, and Q235-A; the containing medium for storage tank are crude oil, and time-to-use starts from August 2006 to April 2007. The implementation process of tank risk assessment was described, and the process of implementing risk assessment was described in detail. The method of risk trend analysis is studied, and the routine maintenance and maintenance suggestions are given. The results show that the risk assessment method for the tank can be implemented, and has been recognized by the tank management unit, providing a rare real case.

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