This paper will clarify the point of transition where the behavior of the dish of a torispherical head goes from thin wall theory (collapse failure and membrane) to thick wall (burst failure) as the head dish radius to thickness ratios (L/t) gets smaller. There are several stated ratio limits for this transition. Three separate Welding Research Bulletins WRC 364 New Design Curves for Torispherical Heads[1], WRC 444 Buckling Criteria for Torispherical Heads Under Internal Pressure [3] and, WRC 501 Design of Torispherical and Ellipsoidal Heads Subjected to Internal Pressure[4] each provide a different definition of the transition point, that being 16.67, 15 and 20 respectively. This paper will review the actual test performed for L/t ratios from 20 down to 15 (which is the lowest ratio test run) and provide the results of a numerical desktop study in lieu of actual testing. Linear elastic, elastic perfectly plastic limit load and elastic plastic limit load finite element analysis will be parametrically run across many L/t ratios and the knuckle radius will be varied across the runs. The results will be reviewed to check through wall behavior to find the transition point of thin to thick wall behavior. These will also be compared against the existing ASME BVP Section VIII Division 2 [5] formulas.

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