Operating lifetime of rail-cars greatly depends on fitness of braking systems and on effectiveness of their constructions. Various braking systems are being elaborated in this trend where lever transmissions are used. Designing of a braking lever transmission for rolling stocks is a very urgent problem. A transmission should be simple and should contain minimum number of levers and hinges. Increased reliability and operating lifetime of braking lever transmissions for rail-cars are achieved in the work. A new construction of rail-car braking lever transmission is elaborated where number of levers and braking joints are decreased significantly and it ensures increase of traffic safety and economic efficiency. A calculating dynamic model of a new construction is elaborated in the work, which obey the basic provisions of mathematical analysis. Dynamical loads in joints of the construction are calculated taking into account increased wear and stresses. Accomplished work provides with possibility for solution of urgent problems. Introduction of the mentioned construction will significantly increase reliability and operating indices of modern rail-cars.

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