An important objective of structural health monitoring (SHM) for civil infrastructure is to identify the state of the structure and to detect these changes when it occurred. The changes of features in a structural system may due to the nonlinear inelastic response of structure or due to the structural damage subjected to severe external loading. Therefore, damage detection in large structural system, such as buildings and bridges, can improve safety and reduce maintenance costs and the design of damage detection system is one of the goals of SHM. The objective of this paper is to develop an on-line and almost real-time system parameter estimation and damage detection technique from the response measurements through using the Recursive Subspace identification (RSI) or Recursive Stochastic Subspace Identification (RSSI) approaches. Verification of the proposed method by using data from both numerical simulation and the shaking table test of a steel structure with abrupt change of inter-story stiffness are discussed. With the implementation of forgetting factor in RSSI/RSI methods the ability of on-line damage detection of structural system can be enhanced.

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