Macro fiber Composite (MFC) having various applications in active control, vibration control and transducers are subjected to high temperature and continuous loading (mechanical or electrical), which leads to the deterioration in its sensing and actuating properties. Hence, the fatigue study is important. For studying deterioration in the sensing performance, experiments were performed using 4 point bending setup, with MFC pasted on the steel beam in the area of constant stress. When compared to the room temperature, experimental observation shows that MFC exhibit much accelerated rate of degradation at 70° C. Similarly, degradation of actuation performance at high temperature (70° C) was studied using cantilever setup with MFC pasted at the top of the cantilever beam. The tip deflection was measured as the parameter to represent the actuation performance of MFC. Comparing experimental results for room temperature and 70° C, it was found that actuation fatigue life is not much affected at the higher temperature.

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