In the traditional 4D printing method using Shape Memory Polymer (SMP), the design process and preparation of 4d printing are complex. In this research, we proposed a design method of a temperature-driven SMP smart structure and made Realization. This smart structure also a bilayer structure use an SMP material in one printing process to realize the deformation in 4D printing. The design of the smart structure is mainly realized by parameter allocation in the printing process, such as print line width, print line height, print temperature, simulation temperature, and fill the form in Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM). Through experimental determination and analysis of statics and thermodynamics, our method fitting out the model relationship between process parameters and the curvature and strain of smart structure. This bilayer smart structure widely applied to the self-folding. In the example stage, this paper mainly uses PLA as an SMP material for the preparation of structure. Observing that the motion behaviors of the smart structure conformed to the model measured in this paper, the average accuracy of the strategy reaches 95%.

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