This paper describes the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) project to enable the incorporation of Fukushima Lessons Learned into new Advanced Light Water Reactor (ALWR) nuclear plant designs and projects. This includes large scale plants and Small Modular Reactors (SMR).

EPRI, working with the bulk of the US nuclear industry, compiled the Utility Requirements Document (URD) for new passive and evolutionary ALWRs. The ∼3,400 pages of functional design and project requirements in the URD became one of the bases documents for the current AP1000, ESBWR and EPR designs. The URD was and is a declaration of requirements of Owners/Operators for any new nuclear plant they might purchase. The 2013 revision 12 of the URD incorporated specific design and project requirements that are directly linked to industry summary conclusions and recommendations concerning the Fukushima event. During 2013 and 2014, EPRI, with assistance from the Department of Energy (DOE), is developing the URD requirements for selected SMRs.

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