In the frame of economic analysis of nuclear power (NP) with SMRs in their total life cycle the expert analysis of the problems associated with the civil liability for nuclear damage from SMRs on the example of transportable nuclear power units (TNUs) was performed.

Purpose of the analysis is as follows:

• Assessment of NP’ safety and economy changes in its development based on TNUs with KLT-40S and partly with RITM-200M reactor units.

• Work out of recommendations on this development’ direction in terms of the insurance approach justification and amount of compensation for nuclear damage.

The following aspects were considered in the analysis:

1. National and international approaches and practice of nuclear insurance.

2. Specific features of TNUs and differences from large NPPs basing on example of the design of floating power unit FPU “Academician Lomonosov” with KLT-40S reactors.

3. Assessment of severe accident consequences during TNU’ life cycle.

4. Analysis of insurances’ approaches and assessment of possible insurance costs.

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