The problem considered here is the antiplane response of an elastic solid containing a half-plane crack subjected to suddenly applied concentrated point forces acting at a finite distance from the crack tip. A fundamental solution for the dynamic dislocation is obtained to construct the dynamic fracture problem containing a characteristic length. Attention is focused on the time-dependent full-field solutions of stresses and stress intensity factor. It is found that at the instant that the first shear wave reaches the crack tip, the stress intensity factor jumps from zero to the appropriate static value. The stresses will take on the appropriate static value instantaneously upon arrival of the shear wave diffracted from the crack tip, and this static value is thereafter maintained. The dynamic stress intensity factor of a kinked crack from this stationary semi-infinite crack after the arrival of shear wave is obtained in an explicit form as a function of the kinked crack velocity, the kink angle, and time. A perturbation method, using the kink angle as the perturbation parameter, is used. If the maximum energy release rate is accepted as the crack propagation criterion, then the crack will propagate straight ahead of the original crack when applying point load at the crack face.

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