This article is an update of an earlier paper by Ibrahim (1987) and is aimed at reviewing the work published during the last decade in the area of vibration of structures with parameter uncertainties. Different types of uncertainty modeling are described in terms of material and geometric properties. These models are considered in terms of Gaussian or non-Gaussian distributions. Computational stochastic algorithms including stochastic finite element methods and Monte Carlo simulation are dominating a major part of current activities. Recent analytical developments of the random eigenvalue problem are reviewed with reference to typical structural elements. These developments include the implementation of statistical energy analysis, stochastic boundary element methods, and interval algebra. Other topics include forced vibration of single- and multi-degree-of-freedom systems including nonlinear systems, localization in disordered periodic structures, and experimental results. Computational stochastic mechanics has found several industrial applications including aerospace, automotive and composite structural elements. The review also covers developments in the areas of statistical modeling of high frequency vibrations. There are 183 references.

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