Corrosion-erosion tests at 320 and 385 F indicated that, at these temperatures, carbon steel is attacked to a lesser extent than at 250 F, whereas the reverse is true of the chromium-bearing steels. However, the rate of attack of the chromium steels is still only a fraction of that of carbon steels, so that use of the alloy steels for boiler-feed-pump parts is warranted at the higher temperatures also. Increasing the pH of the feedwater from 7.6 to 8.4 doubled the corrosion-erosion attack on carbon steel in the Marysville boiler feedwater at 250 F, as compared with previous tests at the lower pH. Of two bronzes tested, Navy M material appeared satisfactory at temperatures up to 320 F; a leaded bronze was unsatisfactory at all test temperatures in this program.

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