A total of 31 stress-rupture data sets for 28 different nickel-base alloys, including 1153 individual test results, have been treated by graphical methods and computer programs to allow determinations of the relative abilities of Larson-Miller, Manson-Haferd, Sherby-Dorn, Goldhoff-Sherby, Manson-Succop, Conrad and Korchynsky parameters to correlate and extrapolate data. For the correlation of all data the Goldhoff-Sherby and Manson-Haferd methods are attractive, while for extrapolation to longer times some superiority of the Manson-Haferd and Manson-Succop parameters is demonstrated. Overall use of a third order polynomial approximation to Manson-Haferd master curves is recommended, as is the avoidance of external extrapolation. Results are primarily based on modified and original computer programs and standard statistical treatments of data.

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