Detailed measurements were made of the three-dimensional turbulent flow field behind an axial-flow rotating blade row. The flow was surveyed at 15 radial locations and 70 circumferential sampling points in five measuring planes parallel to the trailing edge of the rotor. Statistically accurate mean velocities as well as turbulence stresses were obtained from numerous hot-wire signals, more than 12,000 for each sampling point. Vorticities were derived by the numerical differentiation of these data. The three-dimensional structure of various kinds of vortices generated through the rotor, such as a leakage vortex, trailing vortices, scraping vortices, a horseshoe vortex, etc. were elucidated quantitatively by use of the local streamwise, lateral and normal components of vorticity. The decay characteristics of these vortices were investigated in relation to the distribution of the turbulent stresses.

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