Experimental measurements of the flow field in a low-speed, large-scale, annular cascade of highly loaded turbine rotor blades are presented. The blade has a turning angle of 128.5 deg, an aspect ratio of 0.88, and a Zweifel coefficient of 1. Detailed cascade tests consisted of inlet and exit flow parameter traverses, blade passage pressure distributions, and flow visualization. The results are presented in the form of contour plots and pitch-averaged radial distributions of losses and flow angles. The measurements are compared with the results obtained for the same blade section tested in a planar cascade. Distribution of the losses and flow angles revealed the presence of two large vortices that occupied a major portion of the trailing edge plane. A large high-loss core was visible in the center of the blade passage and coincided with regions of maximum flow underturning. The measured cascade secondary losses compared well with existing correlations.

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