Samples of sintered and arc-cast tungsten are available from NBS as thermal conductivity (SRM 730) and electrical resistivity (SRM 799) standards for the temperature range from 4 to 3000K. NBS recommended values for these properties above room temperature are based on results of various researchers during a previous international program which included arc-cast and sintered tungsten. The sintered tungsten used in this program was found to be unsuited for use as a standard material due to inhomogeneity and high temperature instability. The present paper gives results at high temperatures for thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, specific heat, thermal diffusivity and Wiedemann-Franz-Lorenz ratio for a sample of the NBS sintered tungsten using the Properties Research Laboratory’s multiproperty apparatus. These results are compared to values recommended by the Thermophysical Properties Research Center, NBS, and an international program.

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