A parametric equation of state was derived for water and water vapor in the critical region from experimental P-V-T data. It is valid in that part of the critical region encompassed by pressures from 3000 to 4000 psia, specific volumes from 0.0400 to 0.1100 ft3/lb, and temperatures from 698 to 752 deg F. The equation of state satisfies all of the known conditions at the critical point. It also satisfies the conditions along certain of the boundaries which probably separate “supercritical liquid” from “supercritical vapor.” The equation of state, though quite simple in form, is probably superior to any equation heretofore derived for water and water vapor in the critical region. Specifically, the deviations between the measured and computed values of pressure in the large majority of the cases were within three parts in one thousand. This coincides approximately with the overall uncertainty in P-V-T measurements. In view of these factors, the author recommends that the equation be used to derive values for such thermodynamic properties as specific heat at constant pressure, enthalpy, and entropy in the critical region.

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