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Additive Manufacturing Resource

ASME looks to assist researchers and anyone looking for Additive Manufacturing Resources.

Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing

Simulation of Micro/Nanopowder Mixing Characteristics for Dry Spray Additive Manufacturing of Li-Ion Battery Electrodes

Study of Microscale Three-Dimensional Printing Using Near-Field Melt Electrospinning

Simulation of Micro/Nanopowder Mixing Characteristics for Dry Spray Additive Manufacturing of Li-Ion Battery Electrodes

Active Mixing Nozzle for Multimaterial and Multiscale Three-Dimensional Printing

A Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Implementation of the Atomic Force Microscope Tip-Based Nanomachining Process for Two-Dimensional Patterning

Redesigning a Reaction Control Thruster for Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study in Design for Additive Manufacturing

The Design for Additive Manufacturing Worksheet

Designing for Additive Manufacturing: Lightweighting Through Topology Optimization Enables Lunar Spacecraft

A Survey of Modeling of Lattice Structures Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

Power–Velocity Process Design Charts for Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing

Multiphoton Polymerization Using Femtosecond Bessel Beam for Layerless Three-Dimensional Printing

Investigation of Porosity and Mechanical Properties of Graphene Nanoplatelets-Reinforced AlSi10 Mg by Selective Laser Melting

A Comprehensive Study of the Sintering of Copper Nanoparticles Using Femtosecond, Nanosecond, and Continuous Wave Lasers

Correlation Between Microscale Magnetic Particle Distribution and Magnetic-Field-Responsive Performance of Three-Dimensional Printed Composites

Tool Path Planning for Directional Freezing-Based Three-Dimensional Printing of Nanomaterials


Journal of Tribology

Microstructure and Wear Behavior of Nano-TiB2p/2024Al Matrix Composites Fabricated by Laser Direct Energy Deposition With Powder Feeding

Intrinsic Heat Treatment Induced Graded Surficial Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Selective Laser Melted Titanium

The Effect of Bionic 3D Printed Structure Morphology on Skin Friction

Realization of a Novel Morphing Surface Using Additive Manufacturing and Its Active Control in Friction

An Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Predictive Platform for Fatigue Prediction and Qualification of Metallic Parts Built With Additive Manufacturing

Tribological Behavior of Surface Textured Short Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Nylon Composites Fabricated by Three-Dimensional Printing Techniques

Designing a Bioinspired Surface for Improved Wear Resistance and Friction Reduction

Fabrication and Testing of Bioinspired Surface Designs for Friction Reduction at the Piston Ring and Liner Interface


ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering

Uncertainty Quantification for Additive Manufacturing Process Improvement: Recent Advances

Conservative Confidence Interval Prediction in Fused Deposition Modeling Process With Linear Optimization Approach

Gaussian Process-Based Model to Optimize Additively Manufactured Powder Microstructures From Phase Field Modeling

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