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Virtual Special Issue for Small Modular Reactors

List of Articles from the ASME Digital Collection.

CANDU-Like Features in Emerging Small Modular Reactor Designs

Exploring Synergy Among New Generation Technologies—Small Modular Reactor, Energy Storage, and Distributed Generation: A Strong Case for Remote Communities

Current Status of Reactors Deployment and Small Modular Reactors Development in the World

Small Modular Reactors: Learning From the Past

Investigating Small Modular Reactor's Design Limits for Its Flexible Operation With Photovoltaic Generation in Microcommunities

Design of Condensation Heat Transfer Experiment to Evaluate Scaling Distortion in Small Modular Reactor Safety Analysis

Concept of a Small Modular SCWR with Horizontal Fuel Assemblies

Design Study of SMR Class Super FR Core for In-Vessel Retention

Deteriorated Heat Transfer Influence On the Stress-Strain State of SMR SCWR Fuel Bundles

The Environmental, Economic, and Social Performance of Nuclear Technology in Australia

Synergy of an Smr for Addressing Remote Communities Non-Nuclear Waste

Energy Well: Concept of 20 MW Microreactor Cooled by Molten Salts

Steady-State Sub-Channel Thermalhydraulic Assessment of a Full-Scale PWR-SMR Fuel Assembly with Conventional and Advanced Fuels

Testing the Modified Subchannel TEMPA-SC Code in Comparison with Experiments and Other Computer Codes

Atomic Scale

Postoperation Dose Rate Estimates for the Very-Small, Long-Life, Modular Reactor

Passive and Walk-Away Safe Small and Microreactors for Electricity Generation and Production of Process Heat for Industrial Uses

Preliminary Investigations of the Feasibility of In-Vessel Melt Retention Strategies for a Small Modular Reactor Concept

Ensuring the Future of Nuclear Power

Proceedings Papers

Neutron Physics Characterization & Optimization Analysis of the ACPR100 Small Modular Reactor

Module Design Layout and Equipment Analysis for Off-Site Prefabrication Manufacture and Assembly in a Small Modular Reactor

Pulp and Paper Mill Steady State Analysis for Carbon Neutral Integration of a Small Modular Reactor

Revenue Maximization for a Groundwater Desalination Plant and Small Modular Reactor Coupling

On the Use of Probabilistic Risk Assessment for the Protection of Small Modular Reactors Against Terrorist Attacks

Modeling the Effect of Spacer Grid and Mixing Vanes in Coupled CFD Simulations of Small Modular Reactors

Inservice Testing Program Improvements for New Reactors: Small Modular Reactors

UK Programme on Codes, Standards and Procedure Needs for SMR and Gen IV Reactors: Phase 1 Output

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