This paper describes the application of computer-aided techniques to the lubricated extrusion of shapes such as L’s and T’s. A simple analysis of the lubricated direct-extrusion process is developed and used to formulate a design procedure for determining the optimum shape of the extrusion dies. To manufacture these complex dies by NC (Numerical Control) machining and EDM (Electro-Discharge Machining), special computer programs are written. The die design and die manufacturing computer programs are integrated into an interactive computer software package called “SHAPE”. To evaluate “SHAPE”, a streamlined die for extruding “T” sections was designed and manufactured with this computer system. Billets of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, AISI 4340 steel and aluminum 7075 were extruded through this streamlined die using suitable lubrication systems. Results of these trials show the usefulness and the validity of the developed computer-aided techniques.

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