If there is one image that epitomizes mechanical engineering, indeed engineering itself among the non-engineers, it is the gear. I will pass up the term “gearhead” in the urban dictionary (look it up if you care) and settle just for Meriam-Webster's definition: a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests. These days, looking at the new hybrid automotive vehicle transmissions, one can only marvel at the elegance, efficiency, and reliability of this electromechanical embrace. JMD has long served as a host of the Power Transmission and Gearing (PTG) Technical Committee and has benefited from the continuing stream of high quality publications of its members. Among all Design Division technical committees, PTG has probably the best participation from practicing engineers.

I maintain a strong belief that research in device design and design methods should harmoniously co-exist in JMD. I am very pleased that the JMD Associate Editors Philippe Velex and Avinash Singh agreed to canvas the PTG members and present us with the guest editorial in this issue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Philippe, Avinash and all the PTG authors and reviewers for their continuing high quality contributions to the JMD community.