The Greek Center for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) has developed its own 3 MW demonstration wind farm, aiming to:

The CRES wind farm is situated in Lavrion, SE Attica, adjacent to the CRES wind turbine Test Station. It operates in a complex terrain site including hills rising to 120 m above sea level and the coastal regions. The average annual wind speed at the site is 6.7 m/s, and the turbulence intensity is approximately 12%. The energy produced from the wind turbines is fed into the interconnected 20 kV electricity grid. Two meteorological masts (100 and 40 m) are used to measure the reference wind conditions. There are three commercial turbines and two Greek-developed prototype turbines on the wind farm. The commercial wind turbines are:

The two Greek prototype wind turbines, both manufactured by PYRKAL SA, are the OA-500, a 500 kW machine and the OA-600, a 600 kW machine....

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