The Knowledge Centre Wind Turbine Materials and Constructions WMC is a foundation that has been established by ECN (Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands) and TU Delft (Delft University of Technology). The Knowledge Centre WMC is a continuation of the former WMC Group of TU Delft, and all the activities of the TU Delft group have been transferred to the Knowledge Centre.

The Knowledge Centre WMC carries out research on materials, components, and structures for wind turbines. WMC works in close cooperation with ECN. In the various research projects, experimental and numerical work is combined. Fundamental research projects (e.g., on new materials) as well as contract work for the industry (e.g., component verification tests) is carried out. WMC contributes to national and international committees.

The Knowledge Centre recently built a new facility, located at the little harbor in the Wieringermeer in the northern part of the Netherlands. The harbor facilitates...

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