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Just Accepted Manuscript

Research Papers February 16, 2024
A novel non-contact method for monitoring the Acoustic Emission from mixed EHL contacts
Research Papers February 13, 2024
Comparative Studies of Microstructural, Mechanical and Tribological behaviour of A319 alloy cast in solid waste mold and conventional sand Mold
Editorial February 13, 2024
Editorial: A Transformative Time for Tribology
Research Papers February 6, 2024
Validation of Gear Friction Equation Using Directional Parameter
Research Papers January 23, 2024
Experiment and simulation on the ferrofluid boundary deformation and fluctuation characters of a high-speed rotary seal
Research Papers January 16, 2024
Simulation and Experimental on Thermal Behavior of Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing Based on Superhydrophobic/oleophobic Surface
Research Papers January 2, 2024
A fast calculation approach for elastohydrodynamic finite line contacts applicable to online calculations of rolling bearing models
Research-Article November 20, 2017
Effect of milling time on sliding friction and wear behavior of hot isostatically pressed titanium alloys Ti-6Al-4X(X=V, Nb Fe) for biomedical applications
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