A laser velocimeter was used to measure velocities within the impeller and volute of a centrifugal pump. Measurements were made at four circumferential and eight radial positions. Flow rates ranged from 40 to 105 percent of design flow. Blade-to-blade profiles for the four circumferential positions indicate the flow is circumferentially asymmetric around the pump even at the design flow. Blade-to-blade profiles show normal blade loading for 90 percent of the impeller, with reverse and zero loading occurring in the outer 10 percent of the impeller for design flow. Reversed blade loading over greater portions of the impeller is seen at off-design flow. At 40 percent of design flow, recirculating flow within the impeller was found. Axial traverses across the impeller show the radial velocity profile skewed toward the hub surface at the inlet and away from the hub surface at the exit. The stagnation point on the tongue moved from the outside to the inside as the flow rate was increased from 40 to 105 percent of design. Values for slip range from 0.96 to 0.71 from the inlet to the exit.

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