Stochastic bifurcation in moments of a clamped-clamped beam response to a wide band random excitation is investigated analytically, numerically, and experimentally. The nonlinear response is represented by the first three normal modes. The response statistics are examined in the neighborhood of a critical static axial load where the normal mode frequencies are commensurable. The analytical treatment includes Gaussian and non-Gaussian closures. The Gaussian closure fails to predict bifurcation of asymmetric modes. Both non-Gaussian closure and numerical simulation yield bifurcation boundaries in terms of the axial load, excitation spectral density level, and damping ratios. The results of both methods are in good agreement only for symmetric response characteristics. In the neighborhood of the critical bifurcation parameter the Monte Carlo simulation yields strong nonstationary mean square response for the asymmetric mode which is not directly excited. Experimental and Monte Carlo simulation exhibit nonlinear features including a shift of the resonance peak in the response spectra as the excitation level increases. The observed shift is associated with a widening effect in the response bandwidth.

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