Contributed by the Technical Committee on Vibration and Sound for publication in the JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND ACOUSTICS. Manuscript received Feb. 2003; Revised Nov. 2003. Associate Editor: D. Dane Quinn.

Axially moving materials can represent many engineering devices such as power transmission belts, elevator cables, plastic films, magnetic tapes, paper sheets, textile fibers, band saws, aerial cable tramways, and crane hoist cables 1,2,3. Energetics of axially moving materials is of considerable interest in the study of axially moving materials.

The total mechanical energy associated with axially moving materials is not constant when the materials travel between two supports. It is a fundamental feature of free transverse vibration of axially moving materials, while the total energy is constant for an undamped non-translating string or beam. Chubachi 4 first discussed periodicity of the energy transfer in an axially moving string. Miranker 5 analyzed energetics of an...

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